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IKEA Are Set To Create A Collection of Solar Panels To Help Homes Become More Energy Efficient

ikea little sun

With focus now firmly shifted towards looking for sustainable, alternative, sources of energy, this new partnership could help bring an environmentally generated power source into every home in the world.

IKEA have teamed up with Icelandic designer, Olafur Elasson’s project Little Sun, to create a range of affordable solar energy panels titled SAMMANLANKAD, aimed at bringing sustainable energy to areas without reliable access to power, in addition to opening up renewable energy to the world.

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ikea little sun


When it comes to renewable energy, solar is often considered one of the most reliable, environmentally friendly solutions readily available to the vast majority of the planet. The issue is finding cost effective solutions for converting that sunlight into usable solar energy to power peoples everyday lives.

That is where IKEA and Eliasson’s Little Sun team come in.

The two Scandinavian companies will be releasing a collection of smart solar panels that can be attached and connected to windows, charging docks, and even lights.

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ikea little sun


The panels are aimed at helping people distance themselves from depending on unreliable public power, while offering parts of the world with a new source of energy.

The innovative panels are not panels at all, rather this new invention resembles the sun and the solar system as a whole.

Once connected, the panels will collect solar energy and immediately convert it into energy for both indoor and outdoor use.

The SAMMANLÄNKAD panels are scheduled to be released in 2021, but can be seen at IKEA online.

For more information on the IKEA Little Sun project, visit Little Sun or IKEA online.

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