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IKEA Have Launched a Rainbow Shopping Bag for Pride


For those who love a stylish shopping bag to bring back those glorious homeware purchases, IKEA have dropped a rainbow shopping bag.

Based on their popular FRAKTA carrier bag design, which typically comes in the brand’s iconic blue colour, the newest addition to the family is called KVANTING.

Complete with bright yellow straps, it features six rainbow colours in total especially for Pride.

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ikea rainbow shopping bag pride

The latest bag features a funky colourful rainbow design

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Of course, the idea of the reusable carrier bag is to help the environment, a pledge the iconic brand has been aiming to keep more and more in recent times.

For the bargain price of £1.50, the IKEA bags are highly durable and, most importantly of all for purchases, large!

In keeping with that environmental pledge, the bag also has double use.

You can also use it for waste storage, then simply rinse and dry to keep it clean.

Then, just fold it flat to store away with ease.

Now, there’s never been a better excuse to visit your nearest IKEA and load up on all the newest homeware buys!

IKEA KVANTING Carrier Bag is available via IKEA now for £1.50. 

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