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IKEA Reveal They Have Managed To Decrease Their Global Climate Footprint


IKEA have announced they have managed to dramatically cut their climate footprint on the environment, a major eco-boost for the planet.

The Swedish furniture giants revealed their most recent sustainability report, detailing how the company has improved its carbon footprint, increasing their use of recycled materials, making better use of renewable energy solutions and have even announced a ban on all single-use plastic home furnishings from their stores.

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ikea sustainability report 2019


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To help achieve ambitious environmentally friendly and sustainable goals of becoming a circular business built on renewable energy and regenerative resources by 2030, IKEA have started to completely change the way they manufacture and sell their products.

The new report details; 91 per cent of wood used for their products is now being taken from sustainable sources, with 80 per cent of home furnishings falling under IKEA’s circular design principles.

59 per cent of all polyester used in textile products now comes from recycled sources, with a goal of 100 per cent set for the end of 2020.

ikea sustainability report 2019


The flatpack furniture kings have also started to integrate various collections focused on healthy and sustainable living. Collections such as MUSSELBLOMMA – which uses recycled plastic waste from oceans – and FORANDRING – home decor aimed at reducing air pollution through rice straw materials.

IKEA have committed to investing 200 million euros to further speed up their environmentally friendly transformation and become completely climate positive, while also announcing from January 2020 all single-use plastic home furnishing products will be removed from all its ranges and stores.

View the entire IKEA sustainability report 2019 at IKEA online.

For more information on the IKEA sustainability report 2019 visit IKEA online.

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