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IKEA’s New Collection Aims to Make Gaming More Comfortable

ikea unyq uppkoppla collection

Not just happy with dominating the world of homeware, IKEA are entering into gaming industry with a collaboration to create a range of unique accessories for improving life for gamers.

The Swedish furniture giant have partnered with global creative designers UNYQ with the aim of making life safer and comfortable for the 2 billion people who love playing video games with a range of 3D-printed accessories to support wrists, fingers, and hands.

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ikea unyq uppkoppla collection


Whether it’s playing simple, attention grabbing, applications on your desktop, or fully immersing yourself into open-world gaming, gamers can hurt themselves with repetitive strain injuries or even cause long-term health problems after long hours spent gaming.

IKEA and UNYQ have unveiled three gamer-focused aids aimed at making playing video games comfortable, relaxing, and, most importantly, preventing injury.

The collection will include keypad caps, which will change the feel of a keyboard, a mouse bungee for precision gaming and comfort, and a wristband to offer hand and wrist support, with more items such as desk supports, chairs, and tables to follow.

All the gaming aids will not be able to be bought in-store, rather they’re made-to-measure, requiring an application that’ll take a sizing of our body to make sure each item fits perfectly.

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UNYQ is pleased to announce the launch of three new personalised products for the global gaming community in collaboration with the Swedish furniture giant IKEA. The products are part of IKEA and UNYQ’s broader collection titled UPPKOPPLA, meaning ‘online’, and will comprise a series of products to improve the gaming experience and surrounding life at home. UNYQ unveiled these new products today at IKEA’s annual Democratic Design Day in Älmhult, southern Sweden. There are an estimated 2.2 billion gamers around the world playing for a total of 14 billion hours per week. Gamers spend a large portion of their time online, sitting for hours on end, which can lead to massive physical strain on the body. Drawing on the expertise and input of Area Academy, an educational e-sport company with a thorough understanding of the unique wants and needs of gamers, UNYQ and IKEA identified an opportunity to create products which are not only functional, customised and design driven, but also offer ergonomic benefits. Personalize. Protect. Improve. Your new skin in the game Available 2020. #ikeatoday #ikeaddd2019 #ikea ##likenoother #unique #gamingsetup #ergonomics #respawn #itsallaboutyou @carbon @areaacademy #tech #technews #girlgamer #gameplay

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The downloadable application will use your phone’s camera to scan your fingers, hand, and wrist to create a profile. Then using a 3-D printer, it will build unique, personal, products to the exact specifications of your body.

IKEA hope to use the new collection’s customisable technology to develop products for a wider range of groups who require specific and personalised items.

The IKEA UNYQ UPPKOPPLA collection is scheduled to be available to buy in 2020.

For more information on the IKEA UNYQ UPPKOPPLA collection visit IKEA online.

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