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To Help Keep Everyone Feeling Fresh and Relaxed These Winter Sauna Blankets Have Arrived

infrared sauna blanket
© Higher Dose

Visits to the sauna after a workout in the gym or a intense swimming session are always a handy luxury to fully unwind, now you can replicate that experience from the comfort of your own home.

Helping people take wellness to a higher level, Higher Dose have revealed the infrared sauna blanket – an easy to use device capable of offering all of the detoxifying aspects of a traditional spa experience.

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infrared sauna blanket

Higher Dose

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The blankets work just like any other cosy throw, just the Higher Dose blanket helps deliver fresh nutrients to muscles and boost metabolic rates with its sauna replicating features.

Whenever you are feeling tired and in need of a quick injection of life, slip inside the blanket, turn on the sauna controls and allow the infrared rays will flow into your body, helping to make you sweat out any bad energy and rejuvenate your body and mind.

The sauna blankets can also potentially help with weight loss, skin care and other heath related problems.

The heated sauna blanket is priced at £499, with additional delivery charges added at checkout, and are available to order from Higher Dose online.

For more information on Infrared heated Sauna blanket visit Higher Dose online.

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