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This Motorcycle Helmet Will Keep You Safe On The Roads With a Futuristic Lightbar

joe doucet helmet

When it comes to staying safe on the roads while cycling or riding a motorbike, the difference can often come down to the brightest detail.

A new helmet called Sotera from award winning designer Joe Doucet has been developed to make sure you standout when riding, while also making sure no illuminating detail is missed when it comes to keeping riders safe on the roads.

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joe doucet helmet

Joe Doucet

When cycling or riding a motorbike on the road, there is an 80 % chance of possible injury, or even death, due to an accident with another vehicle.

Created by Joe Doucet, the award-winning designer who has collaborated with the likes of Nike, Samsung, and BMW, the Sotera aims to revolutionise the motorbike and bicycle helmet industry, and cut down on road accidents completely.

Whilst most helmets have been designed and created to minimise injury after an accident, this revolutionary helmet from Doucet aims to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place by using unique light and accelerator technology.

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joe doucet helmet

Joe Doucet

The Sotera, which is made from kevlar and polycarbonate, has been developed so riders can be seen before an accident occurs with the use of a bright LED lighting panel, fitted to the back and sides of the helmet, which changes colour according to what the rider is doing.

The helmet features a built-in accelerometer, which detects what the wearer is doing, and makes changes to the lights accordingly. The LED lights will turn red when the rider brakes, and white when they are accelerating. The light turns off when the wearer has stopped the bike.

For more information on the Sorera helmet visit Joe Doucet x Partners online.

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