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This Stunning Luxury Hotel Is Offering a Travel Experience With an Environmentally Friendly Conscience

jumeriah environmentally conscience hotel
© The Jumeriah Group

The Jumeriah Group have unveiled their latest hotel property in Abu Dhabi, and it’s focused on being a 100% eco-conscious resort for visitors.

The Jumeriah at Saadiyat Island Resort, is an escape treating guests to a host of luxury amenities along with never-before-seen environmentally friendly features focused on helping the surrounding ecosystem and the global environmental problems.

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The stunning five-star hotel offers an eco-friendly and sustainable experience unlike anything guests will have sampled before.

Along with the resorts breathtaking views across the Arabian Gulf, a choice of three outdoor infinity pools, a wellness centre, plus a host of extensive luxe amenities, the hotel offers eco-conscious features that go beyond protecting and preserving the island’s sand dunes and natural habitat.

Guests will have access to locally-sourced, filtered, still and sparkling water in their own personal reusable bottles that can be refilled throughout the resort using its water stations.

The resort has a number of waste reduction practices to help limit the volume of food and non-recyclable waste produced, heating and cooling solutions from solar panels to hydro-coolers, and electric car transportation. The Jumeirah also eliminated the use of plastic straws, replacing them with straws made from recycled material.

To find out all of the environmentally friendly features of the Jumeriah environmentally conscience hotel visit the Jumeriah group online.

For more information on the Jumeriah environmentally conscience hotel visit the Jumeriah Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi online.

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