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Reinvigorate Your Home By Transforming It Into a Leafy, Jungle-Style Hideaway

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There is nothing better than stepping into a space packed with life and nature, surrounded by plants helping to create that refreshing sense of calm and zen.

The Jungle Haven are aiming to provide that life affirming feeling with their full range of indoor plants, greenery and accessory range designed to help invigorate homes with an all-natural look and feel.

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Jungle Haven

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Home decoration has transitioned into a greener, more nature-focused aesthetic in recent years.

The days of standard furniture, flat-pack interior products and single-use plastic materials have been removed, with homes instead more focused on being filled with items made with care and the environment and sustainability in mind.

Research has proven greenery in homes can lift moods, provide mental health benefits and increase productivity – it can also help inject with a new lease of life.

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Jungle Haven

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Jungle Haven aim to help those looking for give their home a leafy update, offering an abundance of indoor plant options, planters, hangers, accessories and plant care solutions suitable for every sized space.

All products are 100 per cent natural, and if that wasn’t enough, for every purchase made over £50, Jungle Haven will plant a tree to help encourage positive environmental change.

From jungle bush plants, snake plants, dragon tree, baby succulents, hanging creepers and cacti plants to soil, plant care products including misting sprays and rooting solutions, and pots, frame and hanging planters, Jungle Haven has every base covered.

To view the entire Jungle Haven range visit Jungle Haven online.

Prices for plants range from £14.40 for a Monkey leaf plant to £50 for a Cowboy cactus. Plant care products start at £6 for top soil and pot, hangers and accessories range from £6 up to £22. To order visit The Jungle Haven online.

For more information on the Jungle Haven shop visit Jungle Haven online.

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