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A Company Has Found a Unique Way of Turning Used Coffee Grounds into Useful Recycled Everyday Items

kaffeeform recycled coffee cups

Have you ever felt all those used coffee grounds you produce could be used for something more? You’d be right, and this company have created a way of turning them into reusable items.

Kaffeeform, a Berlin, Germany, based start-up, has developed a potential game-changing idea that’ll help slow the impact single-use plastic cups are having on the global environment by turning recycled coffee grounds into new coffee cups, mugs and saucers.

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The inventive process, which won a Red Dot Product Design award in 2018, combines coffee grounds with natural glues and particles of wood to create recycled cups, mugs, and saucers.

The environmentally friendly new material is made following a very simple, and sustainable, process creator Julian Lechner developed.

The wood is sourced from sustainable sources, while the coffee grounds all come from local Berlin cafe leftovers.

kaffeeform recycled coffee cups


Once all the materials have been combined they create a new raw material that can be injected into pre-moulded designs for reusable cups, mugs, espresso cups and saucers.

Once set, the new cups are all dishwasher friendly and designed to last much longer than typical reusable cups, mugs and saucers.

The unique process is a sign designers are looking for more and more ways to use sustainable materials to create everyday environmentally friendly products.

Prices for all the Kaffeeform products range from £12 for a reusable cup, £12.50 for a single espresso cup with saucer, £17 milk coffee cup with saucer. All are available from Kaffeeform online.

To view the complete kaffeeform recycled coffee cups collection visit Kaffeeform online.

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