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A Fully Vegan Hotel Is Opening Its Doors In Greece

kokoumi hotel mykonos
© Kokoumi Hotel

Greece is home to some of the most beautiful locations in the world, and now there’s a new stunning holiday resort focused entirely on providing a relaxing 100 per cent vegan experience.

The Hotel Koukoumi, on the Greek island of Mykonos, is Greece’s very first fully vegan hotel, offering a boho-chic aesthetic that combines modern veganism with traditional Myconian architecture and style.

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As the world inches closer to environmental disaster every day, more and more people are considering shunning traditional meat diets and lifestyles, instead embracing veganism and sustainable alternatives.

The vegan movement has gained huge steam in recent years, with an increasing number of people taking on the plant-based way of living.

The Koukoumi hotel is Greece’s first ever fully vegan hotel, focusing on helping guests enjoy a 100 per cent ethical, sustainable, and fully environmentally friendly stay.

kokoumi hotel mykonos

Kokoumi Hotel

From its menus featuring Mediterranean-inspired dishes using local fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds, nuts, and a host of other natural and cruelty free meals, to its fully vegan decor made using coconut fibres, seaweed, recycled waste, and vegan amenities, the Kokoumi Hotel has it covered.

All elements in the hotel, from the furniture to decorative objects, have been carefully selected to make sure they come from all-natural materials and avoid any animal cruelty.

Prices for a stay at the Kokoumi Hotel Mykonos start at £196 per night for a stay in a standard suit, and go up to £274 per night to stay in the master suit. Book a stay at Kokoumi Hotel Mykonos online.

For more information on the Kokoumi Hotel Mykonos visit Kokoumi Hotel online.

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