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This Home Beer Tap From Krups Could the Perfect Festive Gift for a Hops Lover

krups the sub

If you have ever wanted to create your very own bar at home, or dabble in a spot of home brewing, then this new kitchen accessory is a must-have.

Krups, the revolutionary kitchen appliance designers behind the super popular pod-based coffee machines, have created a range of similar-style home accessories called; The Sub, that dispenses fresh, cold, and delicious beer instead of coffee.

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Krups The Sub Beer Tap

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The impressive kitchen accessory has been designed for those who just can’t get enough of beer, and could be the perfect home addition with the looming festive party season.

The Sub uses Heineken’s premium home draft system, aiming to offer fresh, unfiltered chilled beer for you and all of your beer loving friends.

The tap arrives in a range of sizes and designs, all offering a two-liter capacity, and can brew a collection of delicious brand name and craft beers from around the world using their TORPs casks of beer pods – think giant coffee pods filled with beer.

The Sub compact is the smallest version in the collection and will fit seamlessly into any kitchen space, or hidden in a cupboard.

The Rouge edition is a larger version and aims to become the showpiece of your kitchen, making a statement with its impressive design. It also comes in a variety of colours.

The latest version is the Heineken edition, which has been made using anodised aluminium and has the Dutch beer giant’s branding on the side to give an exrtra premium touch.

krups the sub tap

Kurg the Sub

The revolutionary home appliance works just like a traditional beer tap found in bars and restaurants around the world, but without all the complicated gas and pumps.

The process begins with taking a tube from your TORP cask and connecting it to the Sub. The cask is then inserted inside The Sub holder, where it will be kept secure and chilled.

Once fitted, fresh pints of beer can be poured from the tap immediately, all chilled and ready to drink.

The Krups the Sub ranges in price from £79 to £129,with all models available to buy from BeerWulf online.

For more information on the Krups The Sub tap visit The Sub online.

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