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Millennials Are Raving About This Sustainable Sparkling Water and This Is Why

la croix
© LaCroix

Deemed as “a little sort of a religion among millennials” according to the internet, this water brand is anything but mainstream, which is why it has intrigued the masses.

LaCroix – pronounced La-Croy, rhyming with “enjoy”, is a is 100% natural sparkling water brand made with nothing artificial.

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la croix


You read that right, this sparkling water is sugar, calories, sweetener, gluten and caffeine-free, while also being vegan and kosher.

The water is sourced locally and to top it all off the packaging is eco-friendly and sourced locally, giving La Croix a low carbon footprint.

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Surely by now you’re wondering “what’s the catch”, as this sounds utopic for a refreshing beverage.

The ingredients that make each flavour are all natural essence oils extracted from each fruit, not artificial flavouring here.

Therefore, LaCroix sparkling water is carbonated water which is sodium free and contains only natural flavours.

It has also been given the title of the number one sparkling water brand in cans across the US and we can see why.

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Pure and recyclable, while also having an uber trendy packaging, what more could you ask from a sparkling refreshment this summer?

If you’d like to try this sparkling water the good news is that you can purchase cans in bundles of eight for £17.19 from Lucky Vitamin.

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