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This Year Up Your Christmas Countdown Game With These Lego Advent Calendars

lego advent calendars 2019

Christmas advent calendars are getting better and better each year, and in 2019 the festive countdown is about to get a whole lot more creative and very magical.

Lego have revealed a set of Star Wars and Harry Potter-themed festive advent calendars, perfect for those in your family who just can’t get enough of the wizarding world or the adventures of Jedi Knights.

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The 24-window sets include over 300+ LEGO pieces that make up popular figures and scenes, all with a Christmas twist, Star Wars fans and Potterheads will adore.

The Star Wars advent calendar comes complete with 13 mini collectibles featuring a first order star destroyer, Kylo Ren’s ship, Chewbacca, a stormtrooper, Luke Skywalker, and everyone’s favourite – a porg.

The Harry Potter set includes seven mini figures from the potterverse, a micro Hogwarts Express, and scenes from the Great Hall, all of which are Christmas themed. There’s even a fab mini Hedwig.

And the best bit is these fun advent calendars are not just for children, they’re also perfect for big kids.

The Lego advent calendars 2019 are both priced at £24.99, and are available at John Lewis & Partners in-store or online.

To find out more about the Star Wars and Harry Potter Lego advent calendars 2019 visit Lego online.

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