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LEGO Reveal Their Iconic Mini-Figure Recreated in Wood to Pay Tribute to Its Original Collection

lego originals wooden figure

To celebrate 41 years since the release of their original mini-figure, LEGO are marking the millstone with a limited-edition wooden collection that’ll inject all kinda of nostalgia fun into your lives.

The iconic brick builders have partnered with design company, Room Copenhagen, to create a collection of limited-edition seven-inch tall, wooden pieces in the image of the iconic 853967 original mini-figure.

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lego originals wooden figure


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Founded in 1932 by master carpenter Kirk Kristiansen, the first LEGO‘s were originally made from handcrafted wood. The toys were eventually moved to plastic following the second world war, where they have remained, until now.

The limited-edition ornamental figurines have been made to celebrate the history of the iconic toy and could be the perfect mini sculpture for any LEGO lovers home or office space.

Each figure comes in a stylish gift box, which includes a 28-page booklet walking readers through the history of LEGO’s mini-figures.

29 LEGO bricks are also included in the box for those looking for some extra customisation.

lego originals wooden figure


Those who purchase one of the figures have the option of leaving it as it comes or adding a personal touch with some unique customisation.

Each limited edition LEGO Originals wooden figure is valued at £120, with a collection of them currently available to be viewed and ordered at a LEGO pop-up shop in Covent Garden, London.

The LEGO Originals wooden figure’s will see a global release on 8 November.

For more information on the wooden figure collection visit LEGO online.

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