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Growing Your Own Food From Home Has Just Gotten Easier Thanks to Lettuce Grow

lettuce grow farmstand
© Lettuce Grow

As more and more homes aim to become greener and eco-conscious, Lettuce Grow have created a unique way to make it seem like homes have access to acres of farmland right from their kitchen counter.

Sustainable food experts Lettuce Grow, co-founded by actress Zooey Deschanel, have developed the Farmstand, a self-watering, self-fertilising indoor plant pot that makes it possible to grow over 200 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs from the comfort of your home.

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lettuce grow farmstand

Lettuce Grow

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As with working out, cooking, wellness, and learning, gardening has become a popular activity to do from home, especially during the Coronavirus outbreak causing homes to be on lockdown.

The innovative Farmstand uses a vertical growing system, which has been designed to support anywhere from 12 to 36 edible plants.

lettuce grow farmstand

Lettuce Grow

The vase-like indoor garden operates by combining a tiered container accessorised with a water pump that automatically supplies water and necessary nutrients to each plant in carefully measured volumes, which will be perfect for those who aren’t green fingered experts.

The system requires minimal maintenance once the plants have been planted and bedded in. Owners will likely start to see the fruits of their minimal labour in just a few days and be able to enjoy some of the green in three weeks.

To help make sure you are always aware of how well your farm and crops are performing there is an accompanying downloadable smart device application. The application updates owners on how each plant is doing and when they might be ready to enjoy. It also warns owners when the planter needs to be topped up with water.

The hydroponic farm comes in five different sizes and have one-off and monthly plant refill subscription packages available.

The Farmstand comes in a smaller 12 and 18 planter, a 24-plant medium sized option, and a pair of larger planters capable of housing 30 and 36 plants. All are available to order from Lettuce Grow online.

For more information on the Lettuce Grow Farmstand visit Lettuce Grow online.

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