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This New Machine Can Help You Make Five Litres of Delicious HomeBrew

Do you enjoy a beer to unwind or drink while you relax in the evening or at the weekend? Have you ever thought about making your own? Now you can create your very own hop infused brews thanks to a revolutionary new machine.

If you’ve always been curious about brewing your own batch of beer, but have been put off by the long process and various challenges, LG have revealed a new home brewing device that’ll simplify brewing your own beer at home a lot easier.

Basically, it’s just like making coffee, but with alcohol.

LG homebrew machine


How it works

Much like a coffee machine that uses pods to brew your morning pick-me-up, the LG HomeBrew uses single-use capsules that contain yeast, hops, and malt. All you have to do is pop in the pods and press go, and the machine creates your very own homebrew.

The machine simplifies the entire brewing process, from fermentation and carbonation to aging and serving, and it even self-cleans and sanitizes itself between crafting processes.

You will be able to check the status of your beer through a companion application, which will keep you up to date on how the process is going and when your beer will be ready.

When machine has finished crafting your beer, it can be served straight from the tap into a glass, ready to enjoy.

While the process does mirror that of a coffee machine, this homebrew distiller does take a bit more time than those instant coffee pods.

The beer crafting process can take up to two weeks depending on the beer, which means it is not quite as simple as brewing your morning coffee.

Each batch comes out to approximately 10.5 pints of beer, with the machine programmed to make five different styles of beer from: American IPA, American Pale Ale, English Stout, Belgian-style Witbier, and Czech Pilsner.

The LG HomeBrew is not available for purchase currently and the pricing information has yet to be released.

For more information on when an where to buy the HomeBrew Machine visit LG online.

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