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LG Might Be About to Revolutionise the Way We Make and Enjoy Ice Cream

lg snowwhite

With the seasonal warmer weather almost here, that also signals the return of everyone’s favorite spring and summer snack, ice cream, and there could be a new machine coming soon that’ll change the way you get that next strawberry cone.

Everyone enjoys some variation of ice cream, it is the perfect way to cool down when the weather gets warmer. Ice cream tends to come in either a tub, cone or some kind of frozen packet, but what if it could be made at home using a simple pod?

Following the unveiling of their automated HomeBrew machine at CES, LG are back with their latest household concept device, a Keurig-style machine that produces single serves of ice cream from simple pods, at SXSW 2019.

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lg snowwhite


The South Korea electronic giant is calling the revolutionary new machine “the SnowWhite”, and it could be every ice cream lovers absolute dream.

The machine requires just two pods, one for flavor and another for a base texture, which determines whether it is making a sorbet, ice cream, sherbet, frosted custard, frozen yogurt or gelato.

The pods system is similar to that of any standard coffee machine. Each pod features a QR code printed on it that’ll tell the machine what it is making.

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lg snowwhite


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This machine is currently only a prototype and still in development, but LG hopes to begin manufacturing more machines in the not to distant future.

For more information on the LG SnowWhite, HomeBrew or other products, visit LG online.

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