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This Simplistic Phone Wants to Save you From Application Overload

light phone two

Do you find yourself picking up your mobile phone, selecting your favourtie application, then all of a sudden realise it was four hours ago when you first picked up your phone? We might have something that could help.

Start-up company Light are aiming to save people from themselves with their latest innovative product, the Light Phone 2, which does everything but let you play with addictive, time-wasting, applications.

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Health watchdogs and governments have long warned of the dangers of spending too much screen time on our mobile phones. Whether it be sore eyes and headaches, neck and back problems, or other injuries, all come from staring at screens for too long,

Light aim’s to help save us from those potential dangers with an innovative, and very simplistic, new device.

Light first debuted their alternative smartphone concept in 2015 as a way to get people to look up from their mobile devices, improve their quality of life, and enjoy living in the moment.

light phone two


Now, Light are back with a new product, the Light Phone 2, an upgraded version from its original device that might just replace your smartphone completely.

The second generation phone is a simple 4G LTE phone featuring a super stylish black and white E-ink display.

light phone two


The Light 2 has been designed to be used as little as possible and encourage you to spend quality time doing the things you love the most, free from distraction.

The Light two features some essential tools from your everyday smartphone; alarm clock, maps, text and phone functions, but that is it.

The Light two eliminates time-wasting, and addictive, applications.

So there’a no mindless scrolling through social media, no games, and no other distracting applications. It is just a phone.

To grab your very own Light Phone Two the current backing price is £246 for either a black or white phone or £410 for a couples version, which features two phones. Both are available at indiegogo online.

For more information about the Light Phone Two, visit Light online.

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