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To Celebrate Their 30 Year Anniversary Lush Are Launching 54 New Bath Bombs

lush 54 bath bombs

Everyone loves a Lush bath bomb, they’re the perfect way to relax after a long day, and fans of the delightful colour and scent infused creations will love the announcement of 54 new bath bomb variations.

Lush is the go-to destination when needing some bathroom products to help wash off those long, difficult, days and inject a bit of zen into your life. Their products are always a win and to celebrate 30 years of successfully de-stressing everyone, the bath bomb experts are releasing 54 new bombs to celebrate 30 year’s since they debuted their first ever fizzy surprise.

The high-street cosmetic specialists are releasing the new collection with fragrances ranging from new interpretations on fan favorites to completely new inventions, all offering unique experiences to discover.

lush 54 bath bombs


It’s difficult to remember a time before bath bombs were turning baths all sorts of stunning colours, and filling our homes with delightful scents.

Lush launched their first bath bomb in 1989 and have been adding to the collection every year ever since.

To celebrate 30 years of changing the way we all bathe, the soapy specialists are unleashing a new anniversary collection that will include every type of fragrance.

From Black Rose, Blackberry, Blue Skies and White Clouds, Bom Perignon, Star Spell, Strawberries and Cream and even one that looks like a slice of sushi, mercifully without the fish-scents, plus more fragrances will all be available to buy on 29 March.

The new collection, which is priced between £12.95 and £2.95, will be available online, and locally-curated selections will be made available in high street stores.

For more information on the new bath bomb range, or on other products, visit Lush online.


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