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Lush’s Plastic Recycling Service Will Give You a Free Face Mask Everytime You Donate

© Lush

As the high street moves to become greener, you might not know there’s several recycling schemes available, including Lush’s plastic recycling service.

It’s no secret the retailer has long promoted products with an ethical stance, including the introduction of plastic-free shampoo and knot wrap gift wrapping, but you can also return your black and clear pots to receive a complimentary face mask.

This includes any full-sized black PP pot, any full-sized clear PP pot (the clear pots that shower jellies come in) or black PP mascara, lipstick wands and loose powder make-up tubs.


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Simply collect five, give them a good wash when you’ve finished the product inside, then take them to your local Lush store so they can be sent off to the Green Hub where they get melted down and remade into black pots over and over again.

You will then receive the brand’s fresh face mask – worth £9 – as a thank you for returning pots.

The service also includes the recycling of plastic bottle tops, rinsed out, which should be donated only in small amounts.

The scheme currently does not accept body spray bottles but the retailer has offered advice on how to recycle plastic bottles over on their official website.