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This Vegan Leather Collection Has Been Made Using Recycled Mangoes

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Luxtra have announced they are launching a brand new line of luxury leather bags made entirely from recycled mangoes.

The London-based sustainable designers have teamed up with Hugo De Boon and Keon Meerkerk’s Fruitleather Rotterdam company to develop a potentially revolutionary new durable, leather-like material, made completely from discarded mangoes.

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luxtra mango leather bags


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Inspiration for the new leather material came from De Boon and Meerkerk after witnessing the level of food waste generated while studying at university.

Teaming up with Luxtra, the leading designers in sustainable fashion, Fruitleather have managed to create a truly unique, and 100 per cent sustainable, vegan-friendly, alternatives to harmful traditional animal-based leather.

Fruitleather creates the unique mango leather in its facilities in Rotterdam by mashing and boiling leftover mangoes to kill any left over bacteria.

The mashed fruit is then spread out to dry, creating thin sheets of the all-natural, durable material. It can also be dyed to create a range of colour-ways for clothing and other accessories.

The new Mango leather is not the first time Luxtra has experimented with fruit-based materials. The sustainable-first designers have created collections featuring Pinatex and Frumat – vegan-friendly leather made from pineapples and apples, respectively.

The mango leather will be used for a collection of bags that’ll be available to buy Spring 2020.

For more information on Luxtra mango leather bags visit Luxtra online.

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