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Magners Are Launching a New Summer Refresher That’s the Colour of Roses

magners rosé cider

As the temperatures finally start to rise and the sun arrives, Magners are launching a new cider inspired by the uber popular pink gin and rosé wine.

The Irish drink distiller have revealed their latest refreshing concoction, a blush-coloured drink perfect for quenching your thirst on those sweaty summer days – and it’s made from a stunning 17 different types of apple.

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magners rosé cider


To build on the eclectic range of ciders already in their vast collection, which features traditional apple cider, pear, and even dark fruits, Magners latest offering could be their most refreshing yet.

Created to be enjoyed with brunch, lunch, and casual dining, each 330ml bottle is made using 17 – different variations of apples, has a 4 ABV, and contains just 125 calories.

The interesting feature of this unique cider is it is not actually made from rosé wine or rose petals at all, instead its name is from the pinky, blush colouring.

The refreshing drink is suggested to drank over-ice on a warm sunny day.

Unfortunately, cider lovers will not be able to buy the new drink in local shops, it is only launching in pubs and bars – for now.

To find out more about the Magners rosé cider, or other cider alternatives, visit Magners online.

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