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This Love-Shaped Beet Burger Is Sure to Be a Delicious Treat This Valentine’s Day

If you are looking to enjoy a Valentine’s Day meal with something a bit different, there is a love-shaped beetroot-based burger on its way to your plate.

Marks and Spencer are pulling out all the stops to make this 14 February one you will never forget with a host of creative, and loving-memorable, food options everyone can fall for.

Following the enormous success of their Love Sausage, which has become the fast selling sausage in their history, Marks and Spencer has turned its attention to reinventing the humble burger, with an obvious Valentine’s Day twist.

The high street giant has gone all-out by creating a delicious looking love-shaped burger made entirely from beetroot called the Heart-Beet Burger.

Valentine’s Day dinner options with a twist

After the success of their love sausage Marks have decided to put the heart-BEET back into their burgers with this Valentine’s Day special.

The heart-shaped burgers are completely beef-free, instead made from roasted beetroot and red onion.

The burgers are vegan friendly and gluten free, and are suggested to be served in a fluffy bun and juicy salad for a perfect Valentine’s dinner, and to get your partner’s heart-beet racing.

The response to the burger has been mixed, with some interesting comments, from the positive:

To the moderately negative:

Either way you are leaning, the heart beet burger is sure to go down a treat with Valentine’s Day diners this year.

The heart beet burger is available to be picked up in store for £3.50 for a pack of two.

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