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Marks and Spencer Have Revealed Prosecco Lovers Perfect Easter Egg

Marks and Spencer prosecco easter egg

Never content settling for the typical tried and tested range of Easter eggs, Marks and Spencer are back with a chocolatey surprise designed specifically with prosecco lovers in mind.

The high street giant have revealed they are launching a new Easter egg, this time it is pink and infused with prosecco and berry flavours.

Dubbed the “Proseggo”, Marks and Spencer will be selling the one-of-a-kind prosecco lovers dream egg, in addition to a larger chocolate-infused collection, throughout the run-up to Easter.

Marks and Spencer prosecco easter egg

Marks and Spencer

The Proseggo is the star of the wider range of stunning Easter eggs included in the Irresistible Collection by the luxury supermarket.

The egg, which is priced at just £5, has been flavoured with both prosecco and berries, along with a dash of salt to balance the experience out.

If those ingredients don’t completely sell you on it, the egg visually looks impressive. Featuring a hand-decorated hypnotic pinky-coloured design, the egg is a wonder to see.

Part of the irresistible collection, the proseggo is not the only impressive egg; with a hand crafted dark chocolate delight egg, a fruit and nut chocolate lattice, everyone’s favorite Bennett Bunny, along with a wider range of Easter surprises all included.

The collection ranges in price from £5 up to an eye watering £100 for a complete Easter hamper stuffed with everything you and the family will need when the day arrives.

To order your Proseggo or any other irresistible egg, or for more information on the collection, visit Marks and Spencer in-store or online.

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