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McDonald’s Opens World’s Smallest Restaurant Exclusively for Bees

As more and more companies move to make their businesses sustainable and environmentally friendly, they’re also transforming the lands surrounding their offices, shops, and buildings.

McDonald’s, in conjunction with Swedish creative agency NORD DDB, have kicked off an initiative focusing on helping to save bee populations by creating welcoming floral gardens surrounding their outlets and also building unbelievably cute McDonald hives called McHives.

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McDonald’s & NORD DDB

Bee’s are an important everyday feature of the world. They pollinate flowers, crops, and produce delicious honey.

They help keep the world clean and green, but bee populations have been falling at a rapid rate in recent years.

McDonald’s are hoping to reverse that trend by building cute mini drive-thru hives for bee’s, while also landscaping flower filled gardens around their franchises to entourage bee populations to rise and thrive.

mcdonalds bee hives

McDonald’s & NORD DDB

The Mchives, which are currently in Sweden but hope to expand around the world, are filled with everything bee hives need to thrive and is part of a wider imitative by McDonald’s towards helping the well being and preservation of bee populations.

The delightful hives come complete with al fresco tables, drive-thru windows, and even the famous golden arches.

For more information on the McHive visit NORD DDB online.

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