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A Design Studio Has Transformed An Old Apple Desktop Computer Into a Cocktail Cabinet

mcmartini cocktail cabinet
© Teiki Design Studio

Teiki Design Studio have managed to transform an old Apple Mac G4 desktop computer base into a stylish cocktail cabinet fit for summer cocktail parties.

The Connecticut-based, USA, Teiki Design Studios have managed to completely gut an old Mac desktop base of all of its wiring and circuits, and repurpose it into a cocktail cabinet titled; the McMartini, capable of creating delicious cosmopolitans and refreshing gin and tonics.

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mcmartini cocktail cabinet

Teiki Design Studio

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Teiki Design are a studio who specialise in transforming old products and giving them a new lease of life.

Their new project was to turn an Apple Mac G4 computer tower base, which was first released in 2002, into a drinks cabinet.

Teiki managed to remove all of the crucial circuitry, built shelves to store cocktail accessories, attached hinges to the sides of the machine and a detachable, dropdown lid.

Inside, the cabinet features stylish wooden finishes, with original Mac fixtures, and on the outside there are pop-out trays for olives and napkins.

The unique cocktail cabinet comes complete with cosmopolitan martini glasses and a cocktail mixer set featuring strainers, spoons, stirrers, and fruit knives.

The cocktail cabinet is a one-off design, but has been designed to display the inventive and creative ideas that can be done to help give interesting objects a second life.

For more information on the McMartini cocktail cabinet visit Teiki Design Studio online.

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