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This Restaurant Is Serving Meals During the Coronavirus Lockdown In Quarantine Greenhouses

© Mediamatic ETEN

In what could be a precurser for how people will enjoy dining-out post-Coronavirus lockdown, this Dutch restaurant is serving customers in a unique, and safe, way.

The Mediamatic ETEN, a vegan-focused restaurant located in Amsterdam, are experimenting with how to best serve customers amid the current coronavirus climate with a collection of greenhouse dining rooms that respect social distancing measures and keep customers and staff safe.

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mediamatic eten greenhouse restaurant

Mediamatic ETEN

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Since the coronavirus swept the globe, bringing food and drink businesses, along with a host of others, grinding to a halt, many have been forced to either close or pivot to takeaway or pick-up only services.

The Mediamatic ETEN restaurant, which is part of the wider Mediamatic arts center and houses art projects, a theatre, offers workshops and lectures, is aiming to potentially point the way to help restaurants and people slowly return to outside dining with the creation of a very unique, and safe, way to serve and eat meals out.

The restaurant, which is fully vegan, has created a series of small glass greenhouses, that can house two people comfortably. The idea behind the dining set-up is to help protect diners and staff, who will wear face shields, gloves, and give the food to customers via a long wooden board.

The system is a potentially points to the future of dinning-out, that respects both social distancing rules and still helps people enjoy a traditional dining experience.

For more information on the Mediamatic ETEN greenhouse restaurant visit Mediamatic ETEN online.

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