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These Adorable Succulents Are Shaped Just Like Mermaid Tails

mermaid tail succulents
© Thompson and Morgan

Succulents come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from monkey tails to leaping dolphines to bunny ears, now there is one that resembles a magical sea goddesses tail.

The latest succulent craze taking the home decorating world by storm is mermaid tail succulents, which perfectly capture the unique tail of the mythical creature and couldn’t be a more perfect idea for homes in search of a touch of sea magic.

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Known by their official name, Euphorbia lectea Cristata, this cute plant combines two succulents to form one catus – like fan – shaped plant that carries a similar likeness to mermaid tails.

The adorable low – maintenance house plant makes for a contemporary and easy living feature in homes.

The stems feature white a marbling and are edged with contrasting reddish hues, which highlight the plants unusual, varied shapes.

This indoor plant is perfect for accenting windowsils, bedside tables, coffee tables, and office spaces.

Prices for the mermaid tail succulents start at £11.99. They are available to order from Thompson and Morgan online.

For more information on mermaid succulents visit Thompson and Morgan online.

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