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Mini’s New Electric Car Is About to Bring an Electric Revolution Into Cities

mini cooper electric

If you haven’t enjoyed the look or feel of recent electric cars, Mini Cooper’s first eco-friendly offering could be what finally brings you round to the electro revolution.

The Mini Electric essentially resembles a regular Mini Cooper S three-door city car, however, instead of the traditional petrol engine, this eco-alternative has a 184 HP electric motor – perfect for those looking to embrace a more sustainable way of zipping around.

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mini cooper electric

Mini Cooper

Aside from the electric motor, there’s little visual difference between this eco-friendly model and traditional gas guzzlers, which will be music to Mini Cooper fan’s ears.

Mini set out with the goal of transforming their cars into sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives, without tinkering with the stylish features that make the Mini a Mini.

The Mini Cooper’s iconic design and responsive handling, its famous headlines, iconic roof and its overall look and appeal – all remain.

The Mini Electric does get a few updates like a new closed-off front grille, aero wheels, contrast-coloured wing mirrors, a slimmer digital driver display.

mini cooper electric

Mini Cooper

Charging is done via a socket located beneath the regular fuel filler cap and to achieve 80 per cent charge it takes just 33 minutes from a 50 KW charger, or for full charge using a standard 11 KW charger it’ll take 3.5 hours.

The best bit is that the Mini Electric guarantees owners will feel good driving it, and if they don’t they can get their money back. When you put your deposit down on a Mini Electric you will be able to take it for a spin in March 2020 and if it doesn’t fill you with a good feeling, Mini will refund you your deposit.

Prices for the Mini Electric begin at £24,400 and rise to £30,400 with additional features. To pre-order your Mini Cooper Electric visit Mini online.

For more information visit on the Mini Cooper Electric, or any other Mini car, visit Mini online. 

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