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You Could Soon Be Able To Power Your Home With Your Car

With energy prices continually rising and an increased desire to find environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional home power sources, Mitsubishi have developed a clever way for homeowners to have more control how they use electricity.

No one enjoys overpaying for electricity, but what alternative do we have? There are various sustainable and renewable alternatives but not everyone can either afford or have them installed.

Mitsubishi might have an alternative everyone could benefit from. The Japanese manufacturer has developed a system called “Dendo drive house” which combines solar panels, a home battery and a charger to let the power flow freely from an electric car into a home, or vice versa.

The dendo drive house (DDH) is aimed at saving homes thousands on electricity bills and fuel costs by letting owners generate, store and share energy automatically between car and home.

The idea of DDH is that electricity generated from solar panels attached to a home can be store in either a car battery or central home battery, which is fixed to the home.

The electricity can then be controlled by a smart home hub where users can send energy to where it is most needed, either the car or the home.

The energy system is perfect for using as a backup electricity store or an additional source of power that’ll help reduce those expensive utility bills.

The system supports both pure electric vehicles as well as plug-in hybrid cars.

The entire package includes solar panels, a home battery, a bidirectional charger, and installation and maintenance options.

The system is expected to be rolled out across Europe in 2019.

For more information on the Dendo Drive House visit Mitsubishi online.

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