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A New Gin Has Been Made Using Peas and Is An 100% Eco-Friendly Tipple

nàdar pea gin
© Arbikie Distillery

The world’s first Carbon Positive gin has been created by a distillery in Angus, Scotland, with help from PhD student Kirsty Black, Abertay University and the James Hutton Institute.

Arbikie Distillery in Angus said the production of its Nàdar Gin, meaning nature in Gaelic, removes more carbon dioxide than it creates (a carbon footprint of -1.54 kg CO2) meaning that each bottle you buy actually helps the environment.

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nàdar pea gin

Arbikie Distillery

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Instead of using wheat as the base neutral grain spirit, the utilisation of the humble garden pea avoids the carbon emissions created by synthetic fertilisers, and the leftover peas are then used to make animal feed.

Peas benefit the ecosystem as a whole, improving soil quality and offsetting synthetic nitrogen fertiliser requirements of other crops, which follow peas in the crop rotation.

Nàdar pea gin is said to taste “fresh and fruity”, flavoured using natural botanicals, lemongrass and citrus leaf.

Master Distiller Kirsty Black conducted her research at Abertay University and the James Hutton Institute.

Black’s PhD is focused on exploring the potential of pulses such as peas and beans as an environmentally sustainable crop for use in the brewing and distilling industries.

She said: “Year-on-year we see the weather, harvest timings and crop quality change, all highlighting the need to address the climate crisis now.

“By producing the world’s first climate positive gin, we are taking initial steps towards improving our environmental impact, while demonstrating what can be achieved when like-minded researchers and businesses come together.”

The first 1,000-bottle experimental batch of Nàdar pea gin has been produced and the gin is on sale through the Arbikie website, priced at £43.

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