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NASA Are Offering Unique Virtual Tours of Space To Help With the Coronavirus Lockdown

nasa at home
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NASA have launched a series of virtual tours and videos exploring the outer reaches of our solar system to help aid those struggling with being under coronavirus lockdown.

The new initiative is called; NASA at Home, and it take viewers on a tour of the agency’s discoveries, research, and exploration from around the world and the universe.

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nasa at home


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With the coronavirus lockdown limiting peoples movements, finding new ways to stay entertained is becoming increasingly difficult.

NASA aim to help people pass the time while on lockdown by learning about our planet, along with the wider universe.

The innovative new project brings together a collection of binge-worthy videos, podcasts, e-books and a lengthy series of videos and augmented reality tours.

The initiative also offers educational resources for adults and children alike. It gives users access to everything from formal lesson plans to amazing imagery and stories about how mankind has explored the world and universe.

To get started exploring the universe visit NASA at Home online.

For more information on NASA at Home visit NASA online.

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