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To Help Improve Natural Wildlife Why Not Plant a Hedge Instead of Building a Fence

national trust hedging
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In an effort to help improve countryside landscapes and wildlife and rural environments across the country, The National Trust are encouraging people to plant hedges.

The national body are asking people to turn their backs on traditional wooden fences and walls when creating new garden features, instead, embrace nature-focused, natural hedges to help diversify struggling countryside environments.

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national trust hedging


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Hedgerows can be planted easily and, while, they do take time to grow and flourish, they offer a far more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to fences and other man-made walls, which damage ecosystems and impact wildlife.

The introduction natural hedges also do not require the same level of upkeep or maintenance a traditional wooden fence or wall would. They create a natural privacy shield, reducing noise and providing a environmentally friendly edge to properties.

The idea behind the initiative is to help provide sustainable nature-first countryside feature, new safe habitats for birds, pollinators and other small animals. Hedges also supply potential fruit for eating and nooks and crannies for nesting.

For more information on The National Trust hedging visit The National Wildlife Foundation online.

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