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The National Trust Reveals They’re Planting 20 Million Trees In the UK Over the Next Decade

national trust tree planting

In a move to help struggling woodland areas throughout the UK, the National Trust have revealed they are planning to plant over 20 million new trees over the next ten years.

The national organisation made the sustainable announcement, which will cost over £90 million to implement, on their 125th anniversary and hopes the environmental initiative will help regenerate at-risk woodland areas and create new habitats for wild animals.

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national trust tree planting


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The 20 million trees are part of the Treegeneration project – a move to help the UK become a leader in sustainability and achieve a net zero emissions target by 2030.

The trees will cover more than 44,000 acres, or an area one and half times the size of Manchester.

The focus will be on planting on land currently designated for farmland, which the trust already own. It will see the increase of woodland areas currently affected by deforestation or environmental issues.

The new trees will also create new habitats for animals, who have seen their natural homes either destroyed by human interference or ecological factors, and support water management in high-risk flood areas.

In addition to planting the trees, the National Trust will also raise the awareness of maintaining peat bogs, investing in new renewable energy sources and attempting to completely cut their carbon footprint.

To find it more about the National Trust tree planting initiative visit the National Trust online.

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