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Native Union Are Putting a Stylish New Spin on Wireless Charging

native union wireless chargers

Charging your mobile device is an essential aspect of everyone’s day, why not make sure your device is fully powered with a range of uber stylish wireless charging docks.

Native Union are attempting to buck traditional charging norms with a brand new collection of wireless chargers that combine luxe hand-crafted Italian leather and Qi-enabled charging tech.

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native union wireless chargers

Native Union

We all fly into a complete tailspin if we don’t have our mobile devices fully charged, or at least at a level where it isn’t about to slip into a coma.

Native Union understands our charging needs and have created a stylish range of charging docks that you won’t want to hide away under tables or behind desks, instead they’ll be a stylish centerpiece around the home or at your work station.

The Marquetry wireless charger has been crafted from three pieces of sustainably sourced leather in complementary shades and distinct textures.

native union wireless chargers

Native Union

Each piece has been hand-carved, skived, and then carefully wrapped to guarantee a unique finish. They have been designed with aircraft grade aluminium, foreign object and thermal protection to ensure durability and safety.

The docks will charge all Qi compatible devices up to 10w and support fast-charging for iPhone 8 and above to 7.5w.

The charger also has the ability to charge through your device case up to 3mm tick and comes with a 6.5 foot USB A and C charging cable with a genuine leather strap.

Prices for the Native Union wireless chargers are £59.99, with additional delivery charges, and are available at Native Union online.

For more information on the Native Union wireless chargers, or any other Native Union product, visit Native Union online.

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