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A New Study Has Revealed a Two-Hour Dose of Nature Can Significantly Boost Your Health

nature helps mental health

If you lead an uber stressful or tiring life it’s important to make sure you’re always looking after yourself mentally and physically, and it has been revealed there’s now a simple way to improve your overall wellbeing.

A new study has revealed just a two-hour dose of nature each week can significantly boost health and wellbeing, even if you just sit and enjoy the peace in silence.

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nature helps mental health


Time spent outdoors has always been known to help physical and mental health, but little actual research had been carried out to prove just how beneficial embracing nature can actually be. Until now.

The new study, carried out by the University of Exeter Medical School, revealed two hours spent in nature each week had massive mental and physical health benefits.

The research was based on interviews with 20,000 people, asking them about their day-to-day activity the previous week.

Of those who spent little to no time in nature, a quarter reported poor health, and almost half said they were not satisfied with their life, the standard indicator for wellbeing.

nature helps mental health


The research also revealed the two hours spent in nature was time spent away from your home, in parks, at the beach, or in forests, time in a garden was not counted, with most interviewees admitting spending time in the garden was deemed more of a chore than a pleasure.

The research confirmed that two hours in nature was the threshold for positive impacts, spending more time could have greater benefits to mental and physical health.

So the conclusion? Spending time in nature helps mental health, so get out and enjoy the great outdoors this summer, it will be good for your physical and mental health.

For more information on the nature helps mental health study visit The University of Exeter online.

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