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Nespresso Are Doing Their Part To Help Reduce Coffee Pod Mountains

nespresso recycling

With everyday single-use items fast becoming a thing of the past, Nespresso have moved to make sure they are becoming a more sustainable friendly business by initiating a recycling scheme to help cut down on coffee pod mountains.

The coffee machine manufacturer is encouraging Nespresso owners, and club members, to save all those used coffee pods and bring them to their nearest boutique or machine sales center to be recycled and turned into environmentally friendly items.

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nespresso recycling


Nearly everyone loves coffee, and if you enjoy drinking a cup of joe from an Nespresso machine you will often find yourself left with a collection of used, and useless, coffee pods which often end up in the bin.

Nespresso are calling on all of their machine owners and club members to help save the environment from hundreds of thousands of wasted pods that find their way into landfill sites, creating pod mountains, by turning in them in at local Nespresso retailers.

nespresso recycling


The initiative is not new from the coffee giants, but they have unveiled an update to the process of what they do with the returned pods – turning them into new coffee filled pods and farming fertiliser.

The returned pods are cleaned, broken down, and then reused for making new coffee pods. What happens to all the old coffee left over in the recycled pods? It’s turned into fertiliser for farming.

In addition to turning old pods into new pods, Nespresso have also revealed a series of limited edition pens made entirely from recycled coffee pod capsules.

To find your nearest coffee pod recycling center visit Nespresso online.

For more information on the coffee recycling initiative visit Nespresso online.

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