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This Simple Cabin Offers Affordable, 100% Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Living

neste nolla cabin

Overlooking the Finnish Landscape, this simple cabin offers never-before-seen sustainable living – all for an unbelievably affordable price.

The Nolla Cabin, created by Helsinki-based designer Robin Falck for energy company Neste, uses a back-to-nature approach to inspire guests to embrace a typically Scandi lifestyle that also includes a zero environmental footprint.

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neste nolla cabin

Robin Falck

For just £30 a night, guests are able to stay in a zero-waste, 100 per cent sustainable, eco-friendly cabin overlooking the the jaw-dropping Finnish countryside, and the best bit is it produces more energy than it uses.

A true environmentally friendly cabin.

The cabin itself can sleep two and is a compact and entirely mobile 10 meter by 2 dwelling that can be assembled, dissembled and transported without the use of any heavy machinery.

It illustrates a low-impact lifestyle everyone can adopt anywhere in the world.

Powered by rooftop solar panels and Neste My Renewable Diesel, the teepee style cabin generates more energy than it uses and can operate completely off the grid. It features plug points and outlets for lighting, charging electrical devices and small cooking appliances.

All materials used are 100 per cent sustainable.

neste nolla cabin

Robin Falck

Unfortunately, there’s no running water, who ever said sustainable living was easy? Guests, therefore, have to wash in the sea nearby or ecological dry toilets located not far from the site.

The Neste Nolla Cabin is fully booked on Airbnb, but there are possible alternatives currently being designed.

For more information on the Neste Nolla Cabin visit Robin Falck Or Neste online.

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