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These New Eco-friendly Bikes Are All About Style and Helping The Environment

As with the car industry, bikes are undergoing a technological transformation and these are some of the two-wheelers trying to make cycling not only environmentally friendly but super stylish as well.

Often considered the first and last stop when cities are trying to reduce urban congestion, overcrowded public transport and pollution, ebikes have been around for a while and this new wave of bikes could soon be transforming inner cities from gridlocked car parks into free-flowing streets.

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Centros, by Raleigh

new electric bikes


Raleigh has channeled its 130 year history in bicycle manufacturing to create Centros – its new ebike.

Centros is a premium build optimised for comfort, practicality, style and performance.

With a Bosch Active Line Plus motor, powered by a user-friendly Bosch Power Tube battery, this ebike offers up to 100 miles of travel.

Centros is available in low step and crossbar frame models to fit personal preference.

For more information on Centros visit Raleigh online.

Oh! Bike

new electric bikes

Oh! Bike

Designed with urban mobility closely in mind, weighing 15kg, Oh! Bike is the lightest ebike on the market, with convenience at the core.

Pedaling is power-assisted with a top speed of 25 kph, along with a handy boost option which pushes power further to help with quick starts and tricky slopes.

Additionally, a lightweight removable battery offers over 50km of riding, and includes two USB ports for on-the-go device charging.

The handlebars and pedals can be craftily folded, making Oh! Bike a good option for the time-pressed commuter.

For more information visit Oh! Bike online.


new electric bikes


VanMoof have created an ‘unhackable smart bike’, with a focus on security and safety.

Thanks to bluetooth technology, this stylish and efficient electric bike responds when the owner is near, automatically disabling the theft defence system.

What’s more, the bike responds with progressively louder warning sounds when tampered with, clearly telling the thief it’s is too dangerous to steal.

Vanmoof is also one of the few ebike manufacturers who offer a rental scheme for their bikes, with various prices and plans available for those who do not want to invest a large one-off sum on an ebike.

For more information visit Vanmoof online.

Mate Bike X

new electric bikes

Mate Bike

Mate Bike is aiming to make ebikes cool, sexy, practical and affordable.

Mate Bike was founded in 2016 and have quickly go on to transform the ebike industry with their smart, fun and efficient bikes, perfect for inner city travel and off-roading adventures.

Their bikes are fully customiseable from the colour, tire size, batter life, saddle and even pedal sizes.

For more information visit Mate Bike online.

Super 73

Super73 began with an electric motorbike and now have a range of ebikes that have become the most popular modes of modern electric travel in the world.

Fun and easy to ride, the Super73 range has something for everyone, in every colour and every use. From daily work commutes to casual rides in the summer sun, these bikes can reach up to speeds of 40 kpm and travel on full charge for 40 to 80 miles, depending on the size of battery.

For more information visit Super 73 online.

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