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Nike Launch a Helpful Guide for Brands to Embrace Sustainable Clothing

As the world inches closer to an environmental disaster, retailers are trying everything to do their part in helping to reverse climate change.

Nike have partnered with Central Saint Martins University, London, to create a helpful Circular Design Workbook Guide detailing all the ways fashion companies can help to reduce their own carbon footprints and help create a sustainable manufacturing process.

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It has become abundantly clear that the environment is on the brink of disaster, with plastic and global warming threatening to cause irreversible damage to the planet.

In an attempt to slow global warming, and encourage fashion business to embrace a new way of manufacturing processes, Nike have created a guide on how to focus on circularity – which involves creating products that can be recycled continuously.

The guide lays out ten principles of circularity, illustrating the life of a product and how best companies can design items with sustainability and respectability in mind, minimising waste and prolonging the lifetime of products.

The full Circular Design Workbook Guide is available at Nike online.

For more information on the Circular Design Workbook Guide visit Central Saint Martins or Nike online.

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