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Niksen Is the Dutch Lifestyle Trend That Celebrates Doing Absolutely Nothing

After the Hygge living trend swept the world, we knew it wouldn’t be long until another Scandi lifestyle trend would arrive for us to embrace – please welcome Niksen.

The new way of living from our Northern European friends is Niksen, a Dutch phrase capturing the combined feeling and activity of doing absolutely nothing, with zero levels of purpose.

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niksen lifestyle trend


To practice Niksen could be as easy and simple as just hanging out at home, taking in your surroundings, watching television or listening to music – the main aspect is that you are doing these activities without a purpose or goal in mind.

Basically doing nothing not in order to achieve something or be productive, but to just do nothing.

Think, simply sitting in a chair or looking out of the window.

Niksen is aimed at tackling extreme levels of stress and burnout felt by much of today’s generation, encouraging us all to relax and, essentially, chill out.

Burnout, not to be confused with depression or anxiety, is a state of stress where the body goes into auto-pilot, turning you into a robot who enters into an apathetic way of feeling, experiencing little to no joy.

The Niksen lifestyle trend aims to change that, celebrating the joy of doing nothing and letting the world help you on your way. It is a form of self-care, giving our minds and bodies the chance to take a breath and just be.

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niksen lifestyle trend


Niksen has also been proven to help curtail the aging process and strengthening the bodies ability to fight off common illness such as the cold or flu. Additionally, while in these mild states of relaxation, Niksen can help people potentially come up with new ideas and achieve a higher life enjoyment.

So, our advice is stop what you are doing and embrace the art of doing nothing without a purpose, the Niksen way.

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