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You Can Now Buy Piñatas Filled with Mini Bottles of Alcohol and Sweetie Chasers

nipyata adult piñatas

Everyone remembers going to a birthday party as a small child and getting excited to have a go at releasing a shower of sweets from a piñata, well now there’s an adult version that’ll get you excited all over again.

Nipyata, a creative party company, have developed a range of adult piñatas which, instead of being are filled with traditional sweets, are packed with miniature alcohol and alcoholic flavoured treats – so, let the party begin.

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If you’re planning the ultimate party this year Nipyata piñata might be the most important feature you add.

Nothing gets the party going more than watching grown adults taking hilariously big swings at a giant piñata to release alcohol.

The adult piñatas have been designed to withstand adult-strength swings and can hold an amazing eight pounds worth of mini plastic bottles of booze.

To order your very own Nipyara piñata the process is simple and easy.

You will first be asked to select your spirit animal, which is the shape and design of the piñata that’ll hold all your booze. Some of the options include a beer bottle, donkey, a pig, a star or a taco.

You’ll then be asked to choose how much alcohol you want your piñata to hold, and if you want to select the types of alcohol that’ll be placed inside. Alternatively, Nipyata can stock your piñata with their own party mix – which includes Jim Beam, Smirnoff, Captain Morgan, Bacardi plus much more.

Ready made options are also available, if you do not want to select your piñata or alcohol.

Prices range from £80, for a pinata filled with 10 miniature bottles and alcoholic sweets, to £120 with one filled with 25 bottles and sweets. Shipping fee’s apply. To order your Nipyata adult piñatas visit Nipyata online.

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