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The Seedpod Is a Floating Micro Resort For Travellers Post – Coronavirus

nomadic resorts seedpod
© Nomadic Resorts

With social distancing and lockdown rules slowly easing across the world, one company is offering travel solutions for those itching to get away amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Seedpod is a low impact soothing cocoon developed by Nomadic Resorts that offers travellers the opportunity to sleep in the great outdoors in complete comfort, without compromising any social distancing rules or health concerns.

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The unique idea is being housed at a pop-up resort in South Africa, but the pods have been designed to be taken anywhere.

Each pod aims to cater to new form of travel, focusing on sustainability and authentic eco-tourism, instead of traditional hotel roomed resorts.

With the Covid-19 outbreak continuing to unsettle travellers, the Seedpod presents a micro low-impact, wellness retreat that allows the people staying inside them luxury and peace-of-mind.

The pods all resemble the natural shape of a seed. They can be either hung from trees or erected on its own tripod, and all come equipped with lighting, a ceiling fan, a cool box, and a charging station for electronic devices – making them the perfect idea for outdoor adventures or trips into the wilderness.

The pods can resist windspeeds of up to 120km and are easy to install and take down.

For more information on the Nomadic Resorts Seedpod micro resort visit Nomadic resorts online.

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