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A Scuba-Diving Group Are Turning Recycled Ocean Plastics Into Protective Face Masks

ocean plastic face masks
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To help clean up the world’s oceans, a scuba-diving group are recycling harmful plastic-waste collected from the ocean into protective face masks to help fight the Coronavirus.

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) have partnered with eco-friendly active wear producers, Rash’R, to turn plastic waste collected from oceans into essential face masks.

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ocean plastic face masks


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With ocean plastic-waste causing huge environmental damage to the world’s oceans and marine life, PEDI aim to turn some of that harmful waste into practical protective equipment.

The innovative masks are all duel-layered, reusable, and have a filter pocket for extra-protection.

The eco-friendly and sustainable masks are currently for pre-order and come in give different designs based on sea animals.

Included in the collection are whale sharks, blue sharks, manta rays and great white sharks. The masks also come in children sizes, and additional filters can be purchased.

Each mask can be washed in a standard washing machine.

15,000 masks have already been ordered, which equates to the recycling of 1,267 pounds of harmful ocean waste.

PADI are making no profit from the sale of these masks, the price of each mask is the actual cost of manufacturing. The aim of the project is to provide helpful protective equipment to battle the coronavirus outbreak and raise awareness of ocean waste.

Each reusable recycled ocean plastic face mask is priced at £17.20, and comes with five replacement filters. To order visit PADI online.

For more information on the recycled ocean plastic face masks visit the Professional Association of Diving Instructors online.

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