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Accelerate through Life on This Fun Looking Smart Electronic Scooter

pal scooter

With big cities facing congestion and pollution issues caused by the rapid increase of cars on the road, people are increasingly looking for alternative, more environmentally friendly, transport options.

Created by London – based designers LAYER, the PAL electric scooter is here to help you avoid those busy trains, buses or roads and embrace a new, effortless, and efficient, way of travel.

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pal scooter


As more and more people turn their backs on traditional forms of inner city transport, the focus now has shifted to basic modes of travel.

The rise of micro-mobility options has been well documented over the last few years with companies like Ofo, Citi Bike,  Lime and Bird providing travelers a convenient option for alternative modes of transportation.

The PAL, created for NIO, is a new intelligent personal transport system that embraces artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer a flexible and convent last mile travel alternative to traditional modes of transport.

pal scooter


The graphene – coated, carbon fiber vehicle has been designed to express lifestyle values and sensibilities, creating a harmony to an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of thinking with transport.

To charge, the PAL can be charged using most plug points at home or in work.

The PAL also comes packed with accessories including a bag, basket, and even a shopping cart that can be affixed to the front of the scooter.

For more information on the PAL visit LAYER online.

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