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Pizza Heat Pads Now Exist So You Can Turn Your Favourite Food into Actual Pain Relief

© Urban Outfitters

If you’re not feeling quite yourself, it’s completely understandable that you’d reach for the home comforts. Pizza is an obvious choice but why not lounge with a pizza heat pad instead?

This novel idea is part of the ‘Huggable’ collection from Urban Outfitters, a range of quirky cooling and heat pads you can use around the house to relax.

What’s brilliant about them is that, not only do they feature characters you’d most certainly want to hug, they’re actually filled with natural buckwheat grains and lavender said to help soothe sore spots, too.

The new Huggable features a bright yellow and red pizza design

Essentially, you can heat them up to enjoy comforting warmth or pop them into the freezer to cool off. They really are your new best friend.

Bad news, however, is UK Urban Outfitters fans will be disappointed to learn the pizza heat pads are not (yet at least) available here.

The pizza-style concept is entirely brand new to the US store, which will be taking pre-orders for the item on March 14th.

Don’t feel too disappointed, however, as there’s currently six genius products available on the UK website.

These include alpacas, an aubergine, an avocado, a sloth and a dachshund, while it’s also entirely possible the popularity of the product will see this latest Huggable release come to UK chains.

Of course, dachshunds and their cute sausage dog counterparts are a major home trend at the moment with sausage dog homeware, in particular, making waves in the “show off your personality” department.

Similarly, sloths are also cited as 2019’s hottest critter and you can now hold this tiny little guy in your hand.

Part of the range also includes mini handwarmers so here’s hoping for a tiny slice of pizza to keep our mitts cosy in the future too!

Huggables are available via the Urban Outfitters website priced between £9 and £18.

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