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This Plant Hotel Will Take Care of Your Greenery While You’re on Holiday

Ever come home after a long holiday or a work trip to find your beloved plants knocking on deaths door? Well, now there’s a solution that’ll guarantee your plants are always full of life the next time you return from a trip away.

Patch Plant Hotel, London, will make sure your precious plants never see their lives flash before their leaves again when you depart on holiday with a bespoke five-star botanical service, catering to every plants complex needs.

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Everyone has endured the problem of plants dying when you leave home for a holiday or work trip, no matter if you care for a host of plants or just a simple orchid.

Patch Plant Hotel want to help.

The bespoke Battersea-based hotel offers a service that tends and looks after your beloved plants while you are enjoying a holiday away.

The service includes vegan food and fertisizer for your leafy friends, careful watering in the plant spa and climate-controlled spaces which offer the ideal amount of sunlight.

plant patch hotel london

Patch Plant Hotel

A team of specialists will care for each plant, and the hotel encourages plant owners to leave any special requirements their plants might need.

The best bit is the 100-room hotel is completely free of charge.

All you need to do is visit Patch Plant hotel online, check their is availability on the dates you are needing your plants looked after, and drop off your plants.

So no more asking a family member or a next door neighbour to water your leafy friends.

To book your plants in for a room visit Plant Patch Hotel London online.

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