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Clear, Plexiglass Boxes Could Be Heading to Beaches This Summer

plexiglass beach boxes
© Umberto Menasci

As beach season draws closer and the Coronavirus outbreak continues to ravage the world, there could be a new invention making its way to beaches to help guarantee holiday destinations are making sure those they are protecting people from the virus.

Italian designer, Umberto Menasci, has created a potential solution for those fearful of heading to the beach or going on holiday this summer – the SafeBeach, a clear box aimed at helping people adhere to coronavirus social distancing rules and strict healthcare procedures.

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plexiglass beach boxes

Umberto Menasci

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With coronavirus lockdown restrictions gradually easing off in countries around the world, the hope is people will slowly start to return to normal, or as close to normal as they can get.

Umberto Menasci has visualised what a “new normal” might look like, centring around a collection of open-air rooms that resemble beach-side huts.

plexiglass beach boxes

Umberto Menasci

The idea behind them being that whilst inside these huts, people would be able to stick to strict social distancing rules and maintain a healthy distance between groups of people on a communal, open beach space.

Each proposed box would be made using plexiglass and contain two sun loungers and a large umbrella. The boxes would have no roof or door, intended to manage distancing rules while still preserving the fun of enjoying the summer sun.

For more information on the plexiglass beach boxes visit Umberto Menasci online.

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