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Polaroid Has Created a Solution for Turning Your Digital Memories into Actual Photographs

Polaroid Originals have revealed a fab solution for turning all of those treasured digital memories into physical pictures, while also helping to free up some precious space on your mobile device at the same time.

The picture specialists announced the Polaroid Lab that’ll allow those looking to give memorable photographs stored on a mobile device a new life as real-world Polaroid pictures.

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The Lab, which is an updated version of the 2008 Instant Lab, is a must-have for those looking for memorable keepsakes and a simple solution for when you have limited storage on your mobile device.

The idea behind the Lab is to turn your most precious smartphone images into Polaroid photographs, transferring them into the real world as a memento that you can frame, store on your fridge, or gift to someone special.

Polaroid Originals

The unique accessory uses an internal camera that, essentially, takes a photo of a photo that is on a users phone when it is attached to its phone connecting dock. It then optimises the image for film and prints it out.

To use the Lab, users must have the Polaroid Originals application installed on their device. Once installed images can be selected for print, and be tinkered with to change the exposure and colour correction of the pictures.

The Lab is priced at £80 and is compatible with iPhone 6 and above, along with most Android devices. It will launch in October. To keep up to date on the release date visit Polaroid Originals online.

For more information on the polaroid originals lab printer visit Polaroid Originals online.

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