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The Wolf and Grizzly Grill Is This Years Must Have Outdoor Accessory

With the good weather closing in that means getting outdoors and exploring nature with friends and family is a realistic possibility and the experience is about to get a whole lot more delicious thanks to this fab compact camping grill.

Wolf and Grizzly have created the camping essential you need to add to your pack as soon as possible. The outdoor specialists have developed a fab portable food grill that’ll make sure you are always dining in style in the wild, and weighs less than 1kg.

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portable camping grill

Wolf and Grizzly

Embracing the great outdoors and breathing in all that luscious, clean oxygen and getting dirty is something nearly everyone thinks about doing once the winter chills have dissipated.

The WG M1 Grill Kit is the ultimate portable grill kit for outdoor adventures and could make those camping experiences with family and friends a whole lot more special.

The M1 Grill has been built to simplify cooking outdoors.

It has been designed using innovative cooking surfaces that can be easily rolled up and stored into small, medium or large camping packs with ease.

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portable camping grill

Wolf and Grizzly

Built entirely from stainless steel, the M1 Grill is both heat resistant and extremely durable.

It can be ready to use in less than one minute, with a simple and easy to use set-up, and weighs just as much as a full water bottle.

The grill supports any cooking fuel from charcoal to wood to even gas fires, and has three adjustable height settings.

The WG Grill comes with a one year warranty, which covers campers in case anything unexpected happens, which is often, when out camping.

The M1 Grill is priced at £115 and is available online at Wolf and Grizzly or Bear and Bear.

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